Cat Rescue Service

Has your feline companion climbed their way up a tree or tall structure, but can’t decide how to come down or is too frightened? Sometimes cats may find their own way down after awhile, but only on their own terms.

In summer, a tree with no leaves or shaded spots can be especially dangerous – Your cat could become quickly dehydrated, experience heatstroke, and be too fatigued to make it’s way down. Bozeman’s cold winter months are even more dangerous, with high winds, snowfall and below-freezing temperatures: Hypothermia, frostbite and loss of life are all possible.

Other times, cats may linger up a tree or structure indefinitely when they cannot find a way down that makes them feel safe. After 48 hours without food and water, cats can become lethargic and simply give up.

What can you do? Call Tree Care Solutions at (406) 219-7273.

We are highly trained to scale & traverse trees, and able to follow your cat anywhere it might climb. We will carefully and gently coax your cat out of the tree, or safely handle & capture it if necessary without causing excessive fright or distress, and we do not use chemicals or sedatives. 

cat-stuck-in-tree-bozeman-mt The owner of this poor little fellow became concerned when he had been stuck in a
Birch Tree for many hours in late autumn, and a cold evening was on the way.

cat-tree-rescue-bozeman-montanaSafety first! Lui suits up on-belay to prepare for the climb, while assistants stand by
to catch the frisky feline in case he decides to jump.

cat-rescue-bozeman-montana_tree-care-solutionsLui carefully advances toward the stranded kitty, talking to it in a gentle, assuring voice.
He  carries a thick, breathable bag to capture and safely carry it down.


 One happy cat, back on the ground safe and sound… and all 9 lives intact!

Need cat rescue now? Call us at (406) 219-7273 right away so we can get to you as soon as possible! (Be assured we will still respond quickly if you need to leave a message.)

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